Fighting violence against women through the strength of women.

From sea level in the U.S. to the highest point in Africa, we elevate.

“NOLA OverKili”


Success! The team of Project Elevation reached the highest point in Africa – the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro – buoyed by the incredible support of people around the world who donated to our cause, shared our message, and cheered us on. Together, we raised over $10,000 to give to two very worthy charities working to empower women and end the cycle of violence – Women With a Vision (New Orleans) and Give a Heart to Africa (Moshi, Tanzania). Our adventure may be over, but you can still support our work. Click on the Cause link above, visit the websites of our charities, and get involved!

The Project Elevation climbing team was in Tanzania! Read updates from the field.

Thursday, June 27

We made it!!!!! Now time for our first showers in 8 days! More to come soon…. we-made-it

Today is the day Team Project Elevation is scheduled to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro at Uhuru Peak, 19,341ft above sea level. The itinerary calls for a 13-14hr day, far longer than any other day of the trek (though, thankfully, a good chunk of this will be downhill), and by now, everyone looks and smells like you might imagine after a week of physical exertion with no showers. But all of our hard work is about to pay off.

Without cell service, we can’t tell you exactly what it’s like standing on the “roof of Africa” or how delirious we are at this point in the journey, but we promise to update you as soon we reach base camp in Moshi – or whenever service kicks back in! (This post was written in advance, if you couldn’t tell.)

Celebrate with us. We invite you to donate to Project Elevation in honor of this extraordinarily special day. Your support carries us every step of the way!

Tuesday, June 25

Although we’re halfway through our trek, the hardest parts are still to come. We’ve ascended to approximately 13,000ft already, but the air gets increasingly thin and each step becomes heavier the higher we go. We’re sleeping in tents, peeing in bottles at night, and doing our best to stay hydrated and eat enough calories. This might all be harder if we didn’t have each other’s incredible bravery, humor, and spirit, and of course the intense good vibes coming at us from friends and family around the world. We hope to summit on Thursday at sunrise!

Friday, June 21

Happy Solstice, everyone! Our team is celebrating the first day of summer by beginning the ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro. After a brief couple of days in Moshi, we’re about to get up close and personal with the mountain we’ve spent so many months dreaming about. We don’t know what sort of cell service we’ll have along the way, but suffice it to say, the scenery is probably going to be as breathtaking as the altitude and the adventure as wild as we are. We’ll collect photos and stories along the way and share them with you as soon as we can – which may be as we go or may be on our return to Moshi. Keep your eyes on this spot and on our Facebook page for updates. Huge thanks to all of you who believe in us and who have helped us get this far!

Here we are with our fearless leaders, having gathered the last of our gear. The climb begins this morning, and we're almost halfway to our fundraising goal.

Here we are with our fearless leaders, having gathered the last of our gear. The climb begins this morning, and we’re almost halfway to our fundraising goal.

Monday, June 17

The team is on the move! Betina, Michelle, Jas, and Laura are preparing to leave South Africa, where they’ve been road tripping, training, playing, and relaxing for over a week. Jackie and Natalie both catch flights out of the U.S. tonight, passing through Turkey and The Netherlands respectively. The team will convene – for the first time as a whole – at the airport in Moshi, Tanzania, in the wee hours on Wednesday. In town, they’ll have a few dozen precious hours to acclimate, hydrate, and prepare for the climb which begins Friday. Check back here and on our Facebook page for updates. Project Elevation is about to get REAL!

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